Saucony Peregrine 14 Review

The Saucony Peregrine 14 is an updated model on a trail shoe that has been around for a long time. This model has 5mm lugs and excels in dry conditions while still being able to hold its own in wet conditions. In this Saucony Peregrine 14 review I will go over my personal experience with this model as well as seeing how it compares to its competitors.


A good level of cushioning is an essential component of a great shoe. A cushioned midsole helps relieve stress from the joints and provides support that makes long distance runs much easier.


Good support is essential for all runners, so it is very important that when buying trainers an individual buys running shoes that have enough support. That may look different for all runners but it is important to consider.

It is important that a supportive running shoe provides a stable platform and reduces the risk of potential injuries.


I believe that it is important to buy shoes that have been built to last. If you are going to spend your own money on shoes then they should stay in good working condition for many months to come.


Making sure your shoes fit properly is very important as if a shoe is too big it can cause the shoes to start to rub against you feet causing blisters and other discomforts. By not having a shoe that fits it will also get rid of the possibility of a comfortable run.


Breathable materials in the upper part of the shoe helps keep the feet cool and dry during runs. This is because it helps prevent the build up of sweat and moisture in the shoe which reduces discomfort and irritation when running.

A breathable upper shoe enhances comfort and can be a life saver when running in hot days as it helps prevent overheating. This makes shoes with this feature an excellent choice as well as a comfortable fit.


Running shoes can get really expensive and if you are someone that runs a lot you will have to keep coming back to buy more. This can really add up which is why I have added cost to the list of important factors.

Price: £135

Weight: 278g

Stack height: 28mm

Usage: Trail shoe


  • Natural feeling
  • Superb value
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Highly versatile
  • Rock plate
  • Plush upper
  • Heel security


  • Limited energy return
  • Somwhat firm
  • Energy return: 7/10
  • Durability: 10/10
  • Support: 10/10
  • Grip: 10/10
  • Style: 9/10
  • speed: 7/10
  • versatility: 8/10
  • Value for money: 8/10
  • Upper breathability: 7/10
  • Comfort: 7/10
  • Width: 8/10
  • Overall Rating: 91/100

Saucony Peregrine 14 First Impressions

When I first saw this shoe I was impressed with how aesthetically pleasing the shoe was. As many of you who read these articles know I love shoes with vibrant colourschemes and cool out designs.

Anyway onto its performance. I was impressed with how soft and plush the upper was. It made my feet feel comfortable right away. The midsole was fairly firm however it still felt comfortable.

My first run in these shoes was a 20km run through moderate trails. I noticed right away that the forefoot was snappy which allowed me to pick up the pace when needed. I also got feel the lugs securing my feet into the ground on every stride which made my feel very comfortable and happy making tight turns and going across terrain without slipping.

This shoe was also very light which was a surpirse. When I was running these shoes disapeared on my feet which really allowed me to be nimble on technical terrain and tackle it with ease.

Why Should You Buy These Shoes?

If you are in the market for a long distance trail shoe then this model is an excellent choice for you. This shoe offers excellent comfort, speed assistance and is light in weight.

Why Should You Not Buy These Shoes?

If you are in the market for a trail shoe that is responsive and offers high levels of energy returns then I would recommend looking elsehwere as this isn’t the shoe for you. I would recommend having a look at either the Hoka Speedgoat 6 or the Brooks Catamount 3.

Upper of the shoe

This upper is made up of standard mesh. It isn’t engineered mesh that is stretchy and flexible which I wasn’t a huge fan of for trail running. I felt that it didn’t hold my foot in place like I would’ve wanted it to. This issue was fixed using a runners knot so it wasn’t a huge issue. Once the runners knot was used my foot felt secure and locked in place even on downhills and uneven terrain.

I loved how spacious the toe box was. There was plenty of room and it made running on downhill surfaces easy and comfort. This ride has a nice line between enough width while having an athletic enough fit for both longer and shorter distances which I really liked.

The upper also contains a rubber cap which offers great toe protection which can give you some piece of mind when running through technical trails.

Foam of the shoe

This shoe has PWRRUN foam in the midsole which is a little bit more of a standard type foam. It has very basic cushioning which isn’t neccesarily bad however it definetly didn’t wow me. The middle is not too firm but not too squishy. It does have enough cushioning where it doesn’t feel uncomfortable to wear after long periods of time.

Sole of the shoe

This shoe has big 5mm lugs which offers excellent traction. I could feel my feet gripping to the ground on every stride which made me feel very comfortable on technical terrain and poor weather conditions. They also are veyr useful when climbing uphill and running downhill.

Conclusion to the Saucony Peregrine 14

Overall, this is a good trail shoe that offers good speed assistance and traction. It is best suited to longer distances but can be used for shorter efforts as well. There are a few minor issues I had with this shoe but on the whoel it is a great shoe that I would recommend for anyone looking for a high quality trail shoe.

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