Our Extensive Review Process

As a runner myself I know how tough it can be to find the shoes that suits me through the noise of the many different running shoes on the market and the even more common adverts. That is we have decided to commit to trying every single shoe we recommend.

We think it is our duty to be open and honest about how we choose which products to recommend to you because we are here to the best running shoes with our readers not just the ones with the highest affiliate commision.

We spend our own money on all of the shoes that end up getting recomened. We don’t just blindly recomend all of the shoes we. Any shoes that gets our seal of approval must pass on these catagories.

  • Brand: We will not be recomending shoes from brands that stand out as polluters of human rights abusers
  • Perfromance: All shoes recomeneded will be pushed to the limit to see if they can actually deliver a perfromance benefit
  • Comfort: Shoes should be confortable and if they are not they just won’t be recomended
  • Value: We dont want our readers to waste money so for that reason only shoes that are worth their pricetag will be fetured

I know that sounds like alot but that is the standered we hold running shoes too. We think that you as the reader deserve indepth reveiws from somone that has actually used the shoe.

If you have any question about our reveiw prosess then we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.