New Balance Fresh Foam More V5 Review

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This shoe was designed to be an exceptional everyday stability trainer. It’s versatility and comfort make it a fierce competitor for other stability shoes out there. Does this shoe live up to the hype? In this New Balance Fresh Foam More V5 review I will go over my experience with this shoe and what i thought of the shoe along with the pros and cons.


A good level of cushioning is an essential component of a great shoe. A cushioned midsole helps relieve stress from the joints and provides support that makes long distance runs much easier.


Good support is essential for all runners, so it is very important that when buying trainers an individual buys running shoes that have enough support. That may look different for all runners but it is important to consider.

It is important that a supportive running shoe provides a stable platform and reduces the risk of potential injuries.


I believe that it is important to buy shoes that have been built to last. If you are going to spend your own money on shoes then they should stay in good working condition for many months to come.


Making sure your shoes fit properly is very important as if a shoe is too big it can cause the shoes to start to rub against you feet causing blisters and other discomforts. By not having a shoe that fits it will also get rid of the possibility of a comfortable run.


Breathable materials in the upper part of the shoe helps keep the feet cool and dry during runs. This is because it helps prevent the build up of sweat and moisture in the shoe which reduces discomfort and irritation when running.

A breathable upper shoe enhances comfort and can be a life saver when running in hot days as it helps prevent overheating. This makes shoes with this feature an excellent choice as well as a comfortable fit.


Running shoes can get really expensive and if you are someone that runs a lot you will have to keep coming back to buy more. This can really add up which is why I have added cost to the list of important factor.

Energy Return

There is no better feeling than being propelled by a responsive running shoe. A running shoe should that gives energy back to the runner can make all types of runs feel so much nicer. This category is even more important in race day shoes.

Price: £98

Weight: 275g

Stack Height: 34mm

Usage: Stability Trainer


  • Fresh foam cushioning
  • Comfortable
  • Glove like upper


  • Breathability
  • Durability of outsole
  • Upper Breathability: 6/10
  • Energy return: 7/10
  • Durability: 8/10
  • Support: 8/10
  • Grip: 8/10
  • Style: 9/10
  • Versitility: 7/10
  • Value for money: 7/10
  • Comfort: 8/10
  • Fit: 8/10
  • Overall Rating: 76/100

New Balance Fresh Foam More V5 First Impressions

Upon opening the box I was pleasantly surprised with the blue colour scheme. If blue isn’t your colour however they do offer black options with hints of purple.

The slope of the shoe along with the rocker immediately grabbed my attention. These features really set this model apart from any other stability or max cushioned shoe on the market.

My first run in this model was a 10km mid tempo run. I did notice right away that the shoe felt constricting and they lacked breathability so my feet did get quite hot. Apart from this the shoes offered excellent stability and support which is very important for some runners. They were also very padded which allowed for good shock absorption and protection.

Why Should You Buy These Shoes?

If you are in the market for a top of the range stability trainer then this is a great option for you. It offers high level of stability and support and there is no better stability shoe out there.

Why Should You Not Buy These Shoes?

If you are in the market for a lightweight super shoe then I would recommend going for the Vaporfly 3 or AlphaFly 3.

Upper of the shoe

The upper of this model has been completely dismantled and rebuilt. This new upper is made up of a snug and stretchy material that is highly flexible and adaptable. it offers a glove like fit that molds to your feet the more you move.

The HypoKnit material is reinforced in the midfoot with overlays. This added some structure because the forefoot desn’t provide much. The midfoot has an adaptable fit which provides the ideal amount of structure along with no frills and an effective lacing system.

Foam of the shoe

Fresh foamX made its first appearance in this model. This material is lighter without sacrificing any performance aspects. It is bouncier in the forefoot and firmer in the heel. This results in effective shock absorption, smooth transitions and adds a pop to your toe offs.

The midsole foam is made from pellets that are put together and they gradually become denser on the medial side of the trainer. It is the same with the medial post without the bulky shape that comes with it. Since they are constructed in the same way it offers similar stability to the Kayano Lite series. Since it is made from pellets I found this offered an adaptable amount of stability depending on the run.

Sole of the shoe

The outsole of this shoe is covered in rubber with flex grooves in the forefoot. The blown rubber is a thin layer covering the high impact areas. This increases the durability of the shoe. I used this shoe for 50+ miles and there were no signs of wear and tear.

One issue I did have is that the traction in wet conditions is not great however during dry conditions the grip was good.

Conclusion to this New Balance Fresh Foam More V5 Review

Overall, this is the best stability shoe on the market today. The great thing about this model compared to other brands is that the stability varies depending on when you need it. I use this shoe myself for easy slow tempo and recovery runs and it really is exceptional for these activities.

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