How Long Should Running Shoes Last?

How long should running shoes last for?

An average pair of running shoes should last between 300-500 miles (500-800km). This means that for a runner that runs 20 miles a week you will go through your shoes in 4-6 months. If your shoes last less than this it could be due to factors that we will talk about throughout this article. This could be something as small as not cleaning your shoes regularly. Small thing like this make a massive difference.

Factors That Decrease The Lifespan Of Your Shoes

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Trail Running Without The Proper Footwear

I see this all the time where runners go on trail runs while wearing their best running shoes. This only means that your new running shoes will get ruined much faster than normal. The terrain you run on will play a big factor on the longevity of your trusty pair of trainers. This is why it is best to run on tracks or pavement. If you do often go off trail then i would recommend buying yourself a pair of trail running shoes. If you want to know more about these then you can read more about them here

Overuse Of The Running Shoes

I see this all the time where runners use their new pair of shoes for absolutely everything even if the activity has nothing to do with running. This means that your lightweight shoes are going to show signs of wear and tear much faster than if you only used your trainers for running. So the moral of this point is only use your running trainers for running and not any other activity such as hill walking, errands or other sports.

Improper Maintenance Of Running Trainers

If you are someone who does not regularly clean your running shoes then this will speed up the pace at which your trainers rot away. This is why i would always recommend regularly cleaning your shoes to get rid of any bacteria. I would also recommend that after a run you leave your trainers in a place where they can be aired. This means that any moisture or sweat build up gets dealt with. If when cleaning your shoes you give them a clean with soapy water this works very well to get rid of any dirt.


Individuals who are overweight will go through running shoes much faster than those who are lighter. Even if you are heavier due to large amounts of muscle mass you will still see yourself going through running shoes at a faster pace than those who are lighter. If you are overweight are wanting some help with losing weight then feel free to email me at and i offer free fitness advice and workout plans for people who read these blogs. So feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Running Style

Your running style/running gait will make a massive difference in how long your trainers will last for. For example if you have unbalanced muscle dimensions you will experience uneven wear in your trainers which occurs when one side of the body is stronger than the other and therefore more pressure is put on one shoe than the other due to the increased power of the foot strike. This means that the specific shoe experiences a greater degree of shock absorption than the other which results in higher levels of mileage and therefore wear and tear showing at a faster rate. You may see a decrease in cushioning as well as a decrease in proper support.

Wearing Shoes That Do Not Fit

It may sound obvious but you would be amazed at how many people do not wear shoes that fit them. Wearing shoes that fits sounds so simple yet it can be challenging to find shoes that has the correct levels of arch support and treads. This is why i recommend going to get your first pair fitted by a professional to make sure that the trainers you are wear are perfect for your specific foot configuration. For example if you have flat feet you may need custom insertions that you won’t get by not seeking help.

You can also make the mistake of buying shoes that are either too big or small both of which can cause serious foot problems if worn over long periods of time. For example if trainers are too big then you will start to feel discomfort as well as blisters due to the high amount of rubbing. You also may develop plantar fasciitis due to a lack of support.

How Often You Use Your Running Shoes

If you are someone who uses their shoes very frequently then of course they will not last as long as someone who uses them far less often. This is why i would its always a good idea to switch between multiple pairs of trainers. However i will talk about that more later on in the article.

Signs That Your Trainers Are Needing Replaced

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Obvious Signs Of Wear And Tear

This may sound obvious however it is very important that when your shoes are showing obvious signs of wear and tear that you replace them as fast as possible. This could be the outside of the shoe falling apart or inside of the shoe deteriorating. The cushioning part of the shoe is often the part that fades the fastest so it is very common for individuals to replace the insoles of the shoes.

This is something i would highly recommend and this is something i do myself as well. It is a great way To prolong the life of your shoes on the whole. The outside of the shoe often lasts the longest so it can be very worthwhile to replace the inside of the shoe.

Loss Of Cushioning/Foam

If you press your thumb against the bottom of your old shoes you should be able to feel the soft cushion. If you do not feel soft and thick cushion then this is a sign that you may need to replace either your insoles or the whole trainer. you can also tell if the cushioning has faded away if if the shoe has started to lose its comfort.

Increased Discomfort Or Pain Such as Aches Or Blisters

If you start to notice your shoes becoming less and less comfortable then this may be a sign that the insoles of the shoes has started to fade away and therefore you may need new shoes or new insoles. If you start to see an increase in aches and pains such as blisters and other irritation then this is again another sign that your trainers are needing replaced.

Decrease In Running Performance

If you are seeing a decrease in your running performance then for example decrease in running times or not being able to run as far. This can be linked to sneakers losing their bounce which is what helps maximise speed when running. So if you are noticing a decrease in performance then it could be a sign that the insoles need replaced or your trainers need replaced.

Be careful however and make sure that if you replace your running shoes for this reason that you have made sure that your reduced performance isn’t due to other factors. So give yourself a test run in another pair of shoes and see if it is the shoes or something else

How Can I Make Sure My Trainers Last As Long As Possible?

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Ensure You Take Care Of Your Trainers

This may sound obvious however so many people take terrible care of their running shoes, then wondering why they aren’t lasting very long. The best shoes that last the longest are the ones that are cleaned regularly and are hung out to dry off after every run. By doing this you will significantly increase their lifespan.

Only Use Your Trainers For Running

Do not use your special runner trainers for any other activity other than running. Use other pairs of shoes for other activities you have to do. This help prevents overuse on your trainers and will prolong it’s durable lifespan

Change Your Running Shoes Regularly

Another way to help keep your favorite pair of trainers lasting as long as possible i would recommend switching between multiple different pairs of trainers. This helps distribute the impact and use across multiple different trainers and in return will make all of them last significantly longer.

Replace The Insole Of Your Trainers

The inner support and cushioning of the shoe is often the first part to start to deteriorate which means that if you replace the insole of your trainers before replacing the outside you can make a pair of shoes last significantly longer. If you are wanting to buy a pair of insoles you can get a cheap set at Schull.


To conclude trainers will last much longer if you take proactive steps to increase their lifespan. If you do even a few of the different steps i’ve mentioned in this article your trainers will last significantly longer than they would of otherwise.

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