Asics Metaspeed Sky+ Review

The Asics Metaspeed Sky+ is a marathon racer which is a more tame super shoe compared to the original. In this Asics Metaspeed Sky+ review. I have really enjoyed testing this shoe and I am a big fan.

In this Asics Metaspeed Sky+ Review I will be taking you through every detail of one of the most popular super shoes.


A good level of cushioning is an essential component of a great shoe. A cushioned midsole helps relieve stress from the joints and provides support that makes long distance runs much easier.


Good support is essential for all runners, so it is very important that when buying trainers an individual buys running shoes that have enough support. That may look different for all runners but it is important to consider.

It is important that a supportive running shoe provides a stable platform and reduces the risk of potential injuries.


I believe that it is important to buy shoes that have been built to last. If you are going to spend your own money on shoes then they should stay in good working condition for many months to come.


Making sure your shoes fit properly is very important as if a shoe is too big it can cause the shoes to start to rub against you feet causing blisters and other discomforts. By not having a shoe that fits it will also get rid of the possibility of a comfortable run.


Breathable materials in the upper part of the shoe helps keep the feet cool and dry during runs. This is because it helps prevent the build up of sweat and moisture in the shoe which reduces discomfort and irritation when running.

A breathable upper shoe enhances comfort and can be a life saver when running in hot days as it helps prevent overheating. This makes shoes with this feature an excellent choice as well as a comfortable fit.


Running shoes can get really expensive and if you are someone that runs a lot you will have to keep coming back to buy more. This can really add up which is why I have added cost to the list of important factor.

Energy Return

There is no better feeling than being propelled by a responsive running shoe. A running shoe should that gives energy back to the runner can make all types of runs feel so much nicer. This category is even more important in race day shoes

Price: £225

Weight: 204g

Stack height: 39mm

Usage: Marathon racing shoe


  • Very cushioned
  • Improved upper comfort
  • More premium


  • Expensive
  • Energy return: 10/10
  • Durability: 8/10
  • Support: 10/10
  • Grip: 10/10
  • Style: 10/10
  • speed: 10/10
  • versatility: 8/10
  • Value for money: 8/10
  • Upper breathability: 10/10
  • Comfort: 10/10
  • Width: 10/10

Overall Rating: 94/100

Asics Metaspeed Sky+ First Impressions

When I first opened the box, I was very pleased with how aesthetically pleasing these shoes were. It seems that lime green is the new standard for racing shoes which I am not complaining about.

When I first put these shoes on I did notice that it was a little more forefoot heavy than the previous Sky model which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Sky+ also felt bigger and more clunky as well as not being as aerodynamic due to the foam in the forefoot that really bulges out.

My first run in this model was a half marathon at fast pace to test out how this shoe deals with long distances and fast speeds. It felt very different to the previous model . This shoe had a higher toe spring which allowed for very efficient transitions. The upper was also much softer which made this shoe much more comfortable.

I also felt that the carbon plate didn’t feel as springy or aggressive as the original and the forefoot felt much more cushioned. It felt like the carbon plate was buried under more foam. I also thought that it felt more stable due to the wider midsole base.

Why Should You Buy These Shoes?

If you are in the market for a top tier marathon racer then this is a great option for you. It offers an excellent combination of propulsion, cushioning, efficiency and stability. The Sky+ has more midsole foam, especially in the forefoot.

Why Should You Not Buy These Shoes?

If your priority is speed then I would recommend the original Sky over this version. This model has a good mix of comfort and speed whereas the original is mainly focused on speed.

Upper of the shoe

One of my criticisms of the original model was the shoelace. It felt furry, too soft and started fraying after only a couple of runs. I’m very happy to say that Asics have fixed this issue and these laces offered me no problems.

The tongue is very thin and non-gusseted so you do get some downward tongue movement during runs. The mesh material they’ve used feels much softer and smoother which means it doesn’t bite into your socks like last years. The breathability has also drastically improved.

Unfortunately the sky+ is another supershoe that doesn’t favour wide foot runners. The heel tab and collar have excellent padding which provides excellent heel lockdown.

Foam of the shoe

The front of the carbon plate has been moved upwards, closer to the foot and its now a much flatter profile than the previous model. Version 1 had a carbon plate which dipped slightly at the forefoot whereas as this version allows the front plate to be anchored into the ground, so when the heel was loaded, it would propel your foot forward like a springboard.

The forward propulsion comes from the forefoot rocker geometry combined with the stiffness of the midsole. Version 1 did feel fast because of the aggressive setup of the plate. In this model I do feel as if I have to work harder to increase my pace because it doesn’t give me as much mechanical assistance.

Sole of the shoe

The outsole of this model is very similar to the previous model. One of the main differences is that the holes in the forefoot rubber are now bigger which allows for some weight loss. There is also a lot of rubber covering the forefoot which helps offer traction as well as durability.

If you are a heel striker then this model will not suit your running style as there is not a lot of wear on the outer lateral heel.

Conclusion to this Asics Metaspeed Sky+ Review

Overall, This is an amazing shoe if you are in the market for a fast pace marathon trainer. The cushioning, traction, speed assistance and durability offers an amazing running experience. I could wear these shoes all day long with no concerns. It is more tame than the original model so if your primary focus is speed, then I would recommend getting the original.

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