Adidas Supernova Solution Review

Blue adidas running shoe on white background

The Adidas supernova solution is a great daily trainer that provides some great support without interrupting your stride. This shoe is well made, lightweight and they feel very bouncy. I have really enjoyed testing these shoes over the past few months and I look forward to hearing my thoughts.

In this Adidas Supernova Solution Review I will be taking you through every detail of this very unique shoe.


A good level of cushioning is an essential component of a great shoe. A cushioned midsole helps relieve stress from the joints and provides support that makes long distance runs much easier.


Good support is essential for all runners, so it is very important that when buying trainers an individual buys running shoes that have enough support. That may look different for all runners but it is important to consider.

It is important that a supportive running shoe provides a stable platform and reduces the risk of potential injuries.


I believe that it is important to buy shoes that have been built to last. If you are going to spend your own money on shoes then they should stay in good working condition for many months to come.


Making sure your shoes fit properly is very important as if a shoe is too big it can cause the shoes to start to rub against you feet causing blisters and other discomforts. By not having a shoe that fits it will also get rid of the possibility of a comfortable run.


Breathable materials in the upper part of the shoe helps keep the feet cool and dry during runs. This is because it helps prevent the build up of sweat and moisture in the shoe which reduces discomfort and irritation when running.

A breathable upper shoe enhances comfort and can be a life saver when running in hot days as it helps prevent overheating. This makes shoes with this feature an excellent choice as well as a comfortable fit.


Running shoes can get really expensive and if you are someone that runs a lot you will have to keep coming back to buy more. This can really add up which is why I have added cost to the list of important factors.

Energy Return

There is no better feeling than being propelled by a responsive running shoe. A running shoe should that gives energy back to the runner can make all types of runs feel so much nicer. This category is even more important in race day shoes.

Price: £90

Weight: 292 grams

Stack Height: 36mm

Usage: Daily Trainer


  • Lightweight
  • Good Support
  • Feels fast


  • tongue doesn’t fit very well
  • Energy return: 9/10
  • Durability: 8/10
  • Support: 8/10
  • Grip: 9/10
  • Style: 8/10
  • speed: 10/10
  • versatility: 9/10
  • Value for money: 9/10
  • Upper breathability: 8/10
  • Comfort: 8/10
  • Width: 8/10
Overall rating: 92/100

My First Impressions of the shoe

When I first took these shoes out of the box and put them on my feet these shoes instantly felt fast. The foam felt very stable and the upper hinged my foot in a very comfortable. One of my friends had worn this shoe in the past and they gave me a glowing recommendation.

For a first run I used them to warm up for a 1500m track race. They were very light which made my warm up feel great. Unfortunately the race I was warming for didn’t go so well but that is no slight on the shoe.

Why you should buy the shoe

If you are looking for a great daily trainer that can double up as a good shoe for your track workouts. I used these shoes for my speed training and the lightweight nature of them and allowed me to run really fast in them.

Why you should not buy the shoe

If you want a shoe with a bit more support then this might not be the best option for you. Don’t get me wrong, I really like this shoe but just like anything it might not be best suited for everyone.

Upper of the shoe

Top part of blue Adidas running shoes.

The Upper of the shoe was very breathable and as I mentioned before it hugged my foot in a way that felt comfortable. After running in these shoes I came to realise that this made the shoe very supportive. This kept my foot feeling fresh and supported throughout.

Foam of the shoe

The foam of the shoe felt firm but it also had some very nice bounce to it which I found to be strange combination but it worked very well. It wasn’t too highly stacked but it was still very bouncy. The foam on this shoe was well made.

Sole of the shoe

Sole of a running shoe

The sole on this shoe was quick thin and yet it still provided some amazing traction and it had the durability to back it up. As I just mentioned, it was quick thin so it was also very light.

Conclusions to this Adidas supernova solution review

To conclude I just want to say how much I liked this shoe. It is light versatile and it was a refreshing change from the really clunky.

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