Adidas Duramo 10 Review

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The Adidas Duramo 10 has got to be one of the Best cheap running shoes on the market. The shoe provides a light and comfortable ride at a very good price. The shoe comes equipped with a secure yet breathable upper as well as a durable rubber outsole.

In this Adidas duramo 10 review I will be going into great detail which will give you a full picture of what this shoe is about

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What to look for in a shoe


A good level of cushioning is an essential component of a great shoe. A cushioned midsole helps relieve stress from the joints and provides support that makes long distance runs much easier.


Good support is essential for all runners, so it is very important that when buying trainers an individual buys running shoes that have enough support. That may look different for all runners but it is important to consider.

It is important that a supportive running shoe provides a stable platform and reduces the risk of potential injuries.


I believe that it is important to buy shoes that have been built to last. If you are going to spend your own money on shoes then they should stay in good working condition for many months to come.


Making sure your shoes fit properly is very important as if a shoe is too big it can cause the shoes to start to rub against you feet causing blisters and other discomforts. By not having a shoe that fits it will also get rid of the possibility of a comfortable run.


Breathable materials in the upper part of the shoe helps keep the feet cool and dry during runs. This is because it helps prevent the build up of sweat and moisture in the shoe which reduces discomfort and irritation when running.

A breathable upper shoe enhances comfort and can be a life saver when running in hot days as it helps prevent overheating. This makes shoes with this feature an excellent choice as well as a comfortable fit.


Running shoes can get really expensive and if you are someone that runs a lot you will have to keep coming back to buy more. This can really add up which is why I have added cost to the list of important factor.

Energy Return

There is no better feeling than being propelled by a responsive running shoe. A running shoe should that gives energy back to the runner can make all types of runs feel so much nicer. This category is even more important in race day shoes.


Price: Less than £40

Stack height: 30mm

Weight: 279 grams

Usage: Daily trainer


  • Lighweight
  • Supportive
  • Great value


  • Upper Lacks durability
  • Energy return: 8/10
  • Durability: 6/10
  • Support: 9/10
  • Grip: 9/10
  • Style: 9/10
  • speed: 8/10
  • versatility: 9/10
  • Value for money: 10/10
  • Upper breathability: 7/10
  • Comfort: 8/10
  • Width: 8/10
Overall Ratings: 80/100

First Impressions

Upon unboxing the shoes I thought that for the price range it was amazing. The quality of the foam and cushioning at such a low price was very impressive. when I took my first few strides I really liked the cushion but and at the start the upper felt okay but after I took them out on a run it became clear that the upper was too thick and lacked breathability.

Aside from the slightly disappointing upper I was actually very impressed. The width fitted me to the tee and the shoe was also well suited to gym training. Due to the relatively high stack height there was good shock absorption. There was a firm midsole and even on sharp turns the shoe felt very stable.

Why you should buy this shoe?

I am a massive fan of this shoe and I think that it is a great example of a great value shoe. The durability and price point would make it perfect for kids, beginner runners and anyone that like a bargain. There are better shoes on the market but none at this price point.

Price aside it is actually a good shoe. Although the energy return isn’t world class it is actually quite responsive. There is a nice amount of room at the toe box and the traction is simply sublime.

Why you should not buy this shoe?

If you are a more experience runner or if you have more of a budget for your shoes then you will get more responsive foam elsewhere. If you plan to use these for racing or long runs then they are not ideal. Due to the poor breathability your feet get very hot very quickly. They don’t perform very well on fast runs either.

I think it is a good shoe but if you are a serious runner there are better options out there.

Upper of this shoe

As I have mentioned before in this blogpost the upper of the shoe was one of the only area that let the shoe down. It was slightly too thick and in my opinion the upper lacked breathability. It is not a problem on short runs but if you plan to go the distance it does cause some issues.

Aside from breathability concerns the durability on the upper was not the best.

Foam on this shoe

The foam on this shoe was something I would expect from a much pricier shoe. It is exactly the kind of foam I would want for daily running. I was a big fan of the softness and shock absorption. In terms of how long it kept its qualities I was impressed.

Sole of the shoe

I think that the sole of the running shoe can make or break it and in this case the sole made it. The grip was amazing and held up even on trails which is pretty impressive considering that this is a buget road shoe. Aside from that the dueability was good and I have nothing bad to say about the grip.

Conclusion of this Adidas Duramo 10 Review

In conclusion I absolutely love this shoe. Weather it is the ability to withstand a lot of mileage or just the toe box I can’t quite believe that you get all this at just a fair price. It is a top shoe from one of the industries top brands. I have used this shoe extensively and I can tell you that it is a great option for runners of all abilities. I hope you have enjoyed this Adidas Duramo 10 review.

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